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Patient is 83 year old male, cured of Chikungunya in 11 days.
He had fever (105o c), amnesia for 5-6 days, chest pain with rhythmic hiccups continuously for 24 hrs, severe cold, swelling of feet (previously existing), and severe weakness requiring assistance in mobility. The patient had history of osteo-arthritis, had underwent heart bypass surgery in 2000-2001, had nerve weakness (under Dr.R.Raghavan’s treatment), and cataract issues. The patient approached us for treatment immediately from onset of Chikungunya. He was prescribed unique herbal decoction and Ayurveda powder. He recovered completely in 11 days. Swelling in the feet was prevalent prior to the patient contracting Chikungunya, and it reduced after the treatment. Marma Sandwana therapy was done for 2 days for amnesia and chest massage was given for 5 days to protect the heart. The patient was advised rest and proper diet for 4 weeks to regain physical strength.

Skills needed:
Marma Sandwana

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