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Patient is 15 year old male, who is currently undergoing therapy.

Patient developed mental retardation due to birth injury. We started treatment when he was 1 month old. At this time, he was in vegetative state without any movements on arms and legs, his head had no balance, eyes were unfocussed and always looking downwards. Dr.Raghavan prescribed herbal water extract (Kashayam) to be prepared daily at home with local herbs. The parents systematically and faithfully gave this medicine until the child was 3 years old. By this time, the child started walking, talking, eyes became steady and gaze became normal – to the ultimate surprise of local physiotherapist who never believed that Ayurveda can produce significant clinical results. Oral medicines were continued from 3-6 years of age. Since 6 years of age, the patient has in-patient treatment every year. During the treatment period, the patient undergoes Shirovasti and Oil-Dhara with Ayurveda medicaments specifically prepared for the patient. Each treatment period lasts for 2 months. Father states that after 15 years of therapy, the patient has reasonable memory, he can walk properly, and smart in many of his activities.

Skills needed:
Oil-Dhara, Shirovasti
Mental Retardation, Neurology And Psychiatry

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