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Patient is a 75 year old male, who underwent therapy for post-traumatic brain damage with psychotic symptoms.
Patient had a fall from 3 meters high. Subsequent to the fall, he was admitted in hospital for 2-3 days. He had no symptoms then. After one month, he fainted. In the emergency center, the diagnosis was dementia without any certain prognosis. Family members were told not to expect him to live linger.

When the patient approached us, he was bedridden and he had symptoms of disorientation of time and space, visual and auditory hallucinations, insomnia, Obstipation, ataxia, anorexia and severe fatigue. Dr.Raghavan asked him to discontinue all modern medicine psychotic drugs, and subtle therapy without touch or substance was given. Once the patient became partly mobile, he was asked to apply Ayurveda oil (CNR-SO) 15 ml on his vertex and scalp two times a day.

Patient recovered, and all his symptoms disappeared.

Skills needed:
Ayurveda oil (CNR-SO), Ayurvedic Therapy
Brain Damage, Insomnia, Neurology And Psychiatry

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