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Can I learn Ayurvedic pulse examination?

pulse examination

Everyone who sincerely seeks the knowledge and is blessed with a learned teacher can excel in Ayurvedic pulse examination. However, most people who want to learn pulse examination wants a short course on the subject. Indeed, many institutions globally offer such courses, and they are very popular. But, can any student from these courses say with confidence that they can reveal everything accurately about the patient’s health, disease and treatment prognosis, without communicating with the patient?


Charaka, one of the principal contributors to the ancient science of Ayurveda, explains that to excel in pulse examination the Ayurvedic physician must become a true Yogi, and use prana shakti to enter the mind of the patient and understand his pathogenesis, disease development, symptoms and current condition. So, you become adept in pulse examination when you are a true Yogi, and to become a Yogi can a short course help?


Remember that pulse examination is the science of diagnosis and prognosis in Ayurveda.  It has little to do with intuition, and nothing at all with Siddis (or powers)! The student in the process of learning the science of Ayurvedic pulse examination learns about their ‘atman’.


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