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Promote the scientific rigor of Ayurveda & Yoga

Dathathreya Health Institution is an Ayurveda therapy and Yoga institution with headquarter in India. It was founded by Vaidyaratnam Dr. Raghavan Ramankutty, who is the youngest disciple of the revered Ayurveda Guru Swami Dananjaya Dathathreya Dev of Dathathreya heritage. Its activities focus on Ayurveda therapy for chronic, critical, rare and genetic diseases without established cure in modern medicine.

Dathathreya heritage is the world’s oldest surviving traditional Veda and AyurVeda school. The earlier saints from the heritage were the direct disciples of Punarvasu Athreya; who is revered as the Guru of Ayurvedic medicine and the most popular disciple of Saint Bharadwaja who disseminated the knowledge of Ayurveda directly from the Gods.
For 3500 years, the Dathathreya heritage’s AyurVedic seers have uninterruptedly carried forward the teachings of Guru Punarvasu Athreya. They have been engaged in the dynamic processes of svarūpa rakṣā (preservation of the AyurVedic literature in its original form), artha rakṣā (preservation of the intended meaning of the AyurVedic literature) and prayoga rakṣā (the application of the AyurVedic principles enumerated in the śāstras). Through the continuous responses of the AyurVedic physicians from this heritage to the health challenges of mankind, they have equipped themselves in handling disease prevention (svastha vṛtta), cure of diseases (ātura vṛtta), and expanded it to the management of emergency conditions, industrial disasters, epidemics, traumatic neurological conditions and critical care.
Swami Dhananjaya Dathathreya Dev, son of Swami Mritunjaya Dathathreya Dev, is the current head of this heritage, and he has five disciples, the youngest being Vaidyaratnam Dr.Raghavan Ramankutty.