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Promote the scientific rigor of Ayurveda & Yoga


We belong to Dathathreya parampara, which is the world’s oldest surviving Ayurveda heritage from India. We guard and propagate the knowledge of Punarvasu Athreya, the Guru of Ayurvedic medicine, since 3500 years. We offer classical patient-specific Ayurvedic therapy and Yoga practices for chronic, genetic and rare diseases and syndromes that do not have any established cure in the world.


Multiple Sclerosis patients can be cured !

Multiple Sclerosis is a disabling and unpredictable neurological disease. It has no cure in modern medicine. But, we treat MS patients successfully.

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Ayurveda can manage Dengue epidemic !

We treated 80 Dengue patients in Delhi during Oct 2015. Patients improved clinically and their quality of life became better.

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UN Yoga Day – 25th June 2016

We celebrated the UN Yoga day in Podgorica, Montenegro. Around 135 persons attended the program

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The treatment (for my frozen shoulders) benefitted not only my shoulders but my general health substantially. I can say unequivocally that he commands great devotion among his patients, and seems to me to doing a really tremendous job.

Antony james

Antony james
Nobel Prize in physics,USA

My Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver was treated wonderfully by this unique physician. I recommend him as an ambassador of herbal medicines and herbal treatments all over the world.

Dr. K.M. George

Dr. K.M. George
UN (FAO) Advisor,Kerala, India

His association with AyurVeda has enriched him as a clinician. His integrated approach towards treatment was successful in treating several patients in Hepatic Coma during the Jaundice epidemic in Kerala.

Dr. Mathew Parackal
MD Retired Professor of Medicine,Government Medical Collage,Kerala, India

We have jointly treated many malignant patients successfully. Currently, he is undertaking an Oncology research to map the etiology of malignancies by applying his unique AyurVedic pulse examination skills.

Dr. C.P. Mathew

Dr. C.P. Mathew
MD Retired principal & professor of Oncology, Government Medical Collage,Kerala, India

Since meeting Dr.Raghavan, my world, limited by modern medicine, has totally changed. I suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis that doesn’t have cure in modern medicine due to unknown etiology. But, when Dr.Raghavan cured me, the modern science proved itself wrong.

Dr. Sachin Chavre

Dr. Sachin Chavre
MD Plastic Surgeon, Karnataka, India

He has an intuitive understanding of AyurVeda, & I recommend his treatments for chronic & degenerative diseases.

Dr. Mohit Sharma

Dr. Mohit Sharma
Fellowship Clinical Professor in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Kerala, India

Dr.Raghavan is a doctor extraordinaire. I saw him demonstrate his pulse examination skills. He can reiterate events in the patient’s life from the remote past, which the patient himself has forgotten, but these have connection with his health.

Professor T.V.Prabakar

Professor T.V.Prabakar
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Dr.Raghavan is one of the outstanding AyurVeda physicians in India.


IAS Former Chief Secretary Karnataka, India

Dr. Raghavan has devoted his life to the noble science of AyurVeda and has cured many patients suffering from diseases, declared incurable by Modern Medicine and other systems of medicine.

Dr. Sabu Thomas

Dr. Sabu Thomas
Director & Professor of Nanosciences, Kottayam, India

Dr.Raghavan is a brilliant physician. He is totally committed and faithful to Ayurveda. He cured me of hemiplegia. I have so much reverence for him and I am obligated for his service. He is in my prayers and I wish more and more people get benefitted from him.

Swami Muditavadanananda

Swami Muditavadanananda
Disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati Nadiad, Gujarat

Dr.Raghavan’s unique method of diagnosis by feeling the pulse is indeed flawless! Chronic diseases like arthritis, asthma, eczema, and even infertility can be completely resolved by his special treatment. Paralyzed patients, after treatment, walk a few miles. He cured one of my uncles who had a spell of blindness. His magical treatment cured my severely painful arthritic pain.

Deepty Menon

Deepty Menon
PhD Professor of  Nanosciences & Molecular Medicine, Kerala, India



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