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Promote the scientific rigor of Ayurveda & Yoga

We apply classical Ayurvedic tools, techniques and herbal formulations guarded and preserved by Dathathreya heritage for 3500 years. Our therapies are tailored for the individual health needs of each patient. The therapeutic approach is holistic, and it protects, cures and promotes the physical, emotional, cognitive, psychological, and spiritual health of the patient.


As per Ayurveda the very nature is the pharmacy of Ayurveda. Nasti mulam anoushadham. Ubayogad vishamapi aushadham, aushadhamapi visham. This means that there is no plant that is not medicinal. If properly applied poisonous plants will become medicinal, and if improperly used we render medicinal plants as toxic.
In our herbal medicaments we use plant, plant products, milk and milk products.  We maintain quality and safety standards while preparing our AyurVedic products.

Dr.Raghavan personally collects several raw materials, and he also uses carefully handpicked organic plants & plant products. The Ayurvedic preparations can be in the form of oil, liquid, malt, powder etc. Some are meant for oral consumption and some for external application.

Our herbal formulations are classical Ayurvedic preparations guarded, protected and practiced by the Dathathreya heritage for 3500 years.

None of our Ayurvedic medicines are available in retail shops. The medicines are prepared for each patient separately after examining their pulse.