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” We have jointly treated many malignant patients successfully. Currently, he is undertaking an Oncology research to map the etiology of malignancies by applying his unique Ayurvedic pulse examination skills. ”

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C P Mathew

Doctor  C.P. Mathew
Ex-Director, Regional Cancer Institute Trivandrum, India
Ex-Principal, Government Medical College Kottayam, India

” Dr.Raghavan’s deep knowledge and expertise in all facets of Ayurveda and specifically ‘Nadividya’ – the science of diagnosis by reading the pulse – is phenomenal – reading even long forgotten deep seated damage sustained from a fall or from getting hit long ago, personal habits etc. through the pulse.”
Indulekha K

Professor Indulekha
Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India

” Vaidyaratnam Dr.Raghavan. Dr. Raghavan has devoted his life to the noble science of Ayurveda and has cured many patients suffering from diseases, declared incurable by Modern Medicine and other systems of medicine. I have taken one of my French collaborator’s daughter for pregnancy problems. She has been perfectly treated and now gifted with two children. Many of our department faculties are under the treatments of Vaidyaratnam Dr. Raghavan.”

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Sabu Thomas

Professor Dr.Sabu Thomas, FRSC
Hon. Director, Mahatma Gandhi University, India

” I came to doctor without any hope for my recovery, but after I met him I was filled with hope and optimism. He is very reliable, communicative and confident.”

Biljana, Montenegro

” After being told by modern medicine doctors that I will have to take medicines all my life, I felt very bad because I am only 13 years old. Since I’ve been using Dr.Raghavan’s therapy, my modern medicine doses have reduced. I was told by Dr Raghavan that I can be cured, and I completely trust him. I am very pleased and I can’t wait to stop using modern medicine tablets.”

Bogdan, Montenegro

” All the best about dr Raghavan! I was motionless for a couple of months, and he made me walk again!”

Milija, Montenegro

” I was very surprised how precisely he can give the diagnosis. He can give so many details from our lives. The love he is giving to patients and his general behaviour makes his treatments very special. I would like him to stay in Montenegro”

Dragica, Montenegro

” I am satisfied with the treatment. I feel much better. Thanks to him, I quit smoking.”

Branka, Montenegro

”The whole team is very human and professional, especially the doctor.”

Slađana, Montenegro

“Dr.Raghavan is a doctor extraordinaire. I saw him demonstrate his pulse examination skills. He can reiterate events in the patient’s life from the remote past, which the patient himself has forgotten, but these have connection with his health.”

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T V Prabhakaran

Professor T.V.Prabakar
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

“His association with Ayurveda has enriched him as a clinician. His integrated approach towards treatment was successful in treating several patients in Hepatic Coma during the Jaundice epidemic in Kerala.”

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Dr Mathew

Doctor, Retired Professor Mathew Parackal
MD Government Medical college Kottayam, India

“Young girl aged 7 years was diagnosed and treated with anti-epileptic drugs for atrophy of Hippocampal. This diagnosis was based on brain MRI. Dr.Raghavan, after Ayurvedic pulse examination, clarified to the parent that the child is healthy and the radiology report and diagnosis was wrong. The parents re-took the MRI in other countries and these confirmed the precision of Dr.Raghavan’s findings. On Dr.Raghavan’s advice, the patient was gradually weaned off the wrong drugs.”

Hippocampal atrophy

Identification of wrong diagnosis of Hippocampal atrophy Podgorica, Montenegro

” After the first treatment itself I felt like a healthy person. I am very thankful for his help, and I would like to meet him again. After a couple of days I started working. Before that I was 3 months on sick leave.”

Marija, Montenegro

” Dr Raghavan is the one who saved me. Immediately after starting with his medicine and treatments, I felt much better. After his intervention my life became normal again.”

Nikola, Montenegro

” My daughter was given wrong diagnosis by modern medicine doctors – left hippocampus atrophy. Dr Raghavan was the first one who said they were wrong, that my daughter has no neurological problems. After that, we went to Brussels and Belgrade and re-checked her diagnosis and we found what Dr.Raghavan said was correct. He really changed my life. I trust him so much. He became a guru of my whole family.”

Aleksandra, Montenegro

” After 15 treatments I feel much better.”

Marko, Montenegro

” After his treatments I felt easy like a bird. I became calmer. He not only helped me physically for pains, but also spiritually. He treats each patient with huge patience, and gives all his attention.”

Svetlana, Montenegro

” After his treatments my general condition improved. I am happier and in a better mood. His pulse examination is something wonderful!”

Branka, Montenegro

“Dr.Raghavan’s unique method of diagnosis by feeling the pulse is flawless! Chronic diseases like arthritis, asthma, eczema, and even infertility can be completely resolved by his special treatment. Paralyzed patients, after treatment, walk a few miles. He cured one of my uncles who had a spell of blindness. His magical treatment cured my severely painful arthritic pain.”

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deepthy menon

Professor Deepty Menon
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, Kerala, India

“Dr.Raghavan’s unique method of diagnosis by feeling the pulse is flawless! Chronic diseases like arthritis, asthma, eczema, and even infertility can be completely resolved by his special treatment. Paralyzed patients, after treatment, walk a few miles. He cured one of my uncles who had a spell of blindness. His magical treatment cured my severely painful arthritic pain.”

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Doctor Ann George MD, DGO
Government Medical college Kottayam, India

I know Dr Raghavan personally as I consulted him for my kids with food and general Allergy (continuous cough and cold that sometimes aggravates to asthmatic condition). Dr. Raghavan gave medicines and prescribed to prepare a Kashayam (herbal water extract). We gave it for one year with strict food control and they are all right now. I saw directly and heard from other people who came for treatment that he is curing acute illness which cannot be cured in other branched of medicine in the world.

deepthy menon
Thanks a lot to Dr.Raghavan.”

John Thomas
Team Lead at Accenture Services

” Dr.Raghavan is devoted to his profession. He is a really human and I am strongly recommend him to everyone in Montenegro. He has huge experience in Ayurveda.”

Momirka, Montenegro

” My wife was treated by Dr Raghavan, and she felt much better after the first treatment itself. In my opinion, a man like him and his knowledge in modern and traditional medicine is really necessary in Podgorica.”

Dejan, Montenegro

” I tried different treatments before. Dr.Raghavan said he can cure me, and that I will be able to run and ride a bicycle (Both of which I haven’t done for more than 10 years).”

Katarina, Montenegro

” My sister is Dr Raghavan’s patient. I am satisfied with his work and his results in treating my sister’s disease.”

Olivera, Montenegro

” In my opinion, he is a medical expert which Montenegro has never had before.”

Mira, Montenegro

”Very good and dedicated man, I am very thankful for his help.”

Dejan, Montenegro

”After he helped me, my mother is now dr Raghavan’s patient. I am warmly recommending this kind of medicine, without chemical, natural way for improving health.”

Jasenka, Montenegro