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Promote the scientific rigor of Ayurveda & Yoga

Dathathreya Health Institution is an Ayurveda therapy and Yoga institution with headquarter in India. It was founded by Vaidyaratnam Dr. Raghavan Ramankutty, who is the youngest disciple of the revered Ayurveda Guru Swami Dananjaya Dathathreya Dev of Dathathreya heritage. Its activities focus on Ayurveda therapy for chronic, critical, rare and genetic diseases without established cure in modern medicine.

Core Management

Dr Raghavan

Vaidyaratnam (Ayurveda) DR.(modern medicine) Raghavan  Ramankutty, Disciple of Swami Dathathreya

Chairman & Co-Trustee

He is an Ayurvedic physician with Vaidyaratnam (jewel among physicians) title. He is also a modern medicine doctor from India.  He has been practicing as an Ayurvedic physician for almost five decades. His work focuses on chronic and critical disorders without established cure in any system of medicine. He is the founder owner of Dathathreya Health Institutions, which has offices in Kerala, India and Podgorica, Montenegro.

Dr.Raghavan sets our vision and develops unique and legendary AyurVedic responses to some of the most challenging health problems in the world.

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Mrs. Sarada Raghavan

Director & Co-Trustee

She is an environmental health scientist and a financial accountant. She is a Commonwealth Scholar, and holds Master degrees in environmental social sciences, and Public Health from the UK. She also completed her chartered accountancy from India with distinction.

Mrs.Sarada shapes the institution’s priorities, monitors result, oversees the finance and accounting, and liaisons with key partners and stakeholders.


Team Members

Advocate Mukesh Cheddah, Legal and policy advisor

Babuton, Ayurveda physiotherapist

Surija Babuton, Ayurveda physiotherapist

Mariya Yekic, Physician assistant

Shylaja, Pharmacist

Gowri, Factory staff

Collaborating Institutions

Medall for imageology

DDRC for laboratory investigations


Dr. K M George Mana, Advisor to UNDP, FAO, India

Chandra Mohan Bhandari, Former Ambassador, and founder of Bhandari Yog and Ayurveda institutions, India

Dr. Sabu Thomas, Professor of Polymer Science & Technology & Hon. Director of Mahatma Gandhi University, India.

Dr. Keshavan, Professor of General medicine, Pushpagiri Medical hospital, India

Swami Muditavadanananda, Anand Ashram, Arsha Vidya Aranyam Trust, India

M.R. Balachandran,  Founder of Nitayananda Yog Kendram, India

JSRA Prasad, Head of Department of Sanskrit studies, University of Hyderabad, India

Jeyaprakash Narayanan, biomedical scientist, India

Roy George, Investment consultant, India

Deepti Menon, Professor, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University, India

Soman Sai, Vedanta expert, India

Mangayarkarasi Balasubramanian, Consultant, Malaysia

Dr. Puneeta, medical consultant, Malaysia