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Promote the scientific rigor of Ayurveda & Yoga

Preventive Health

Preventive health is an important area in Ayurveda. We use Dathathreya tools and techniques for screening malignancies, and to prevent seasonal diseases.

Promotive  Health

We provide promotive health services using Panchakarma techniques.  We love working on geriatrics care.

Integrative Medicine

We combine Ayurveda therapy with cellular medicine (stem-cell therapy) for quicker and better results.

Emergency care

We collaborate with modern medicine hospitals with ICU facilities to treat by using purely Ayurveda medicine post-traumatic disorders, or cases with cardiovascular, nephrological or multi-system involement.

Disease management

We focus on wide-range of chronic and critical diseases. Our areas of expertise are management of multiple Sclerosis, other neurological disorders, musculo-Skeletal  diseases, post-traumatic rehabilitaion, genetic & rare diseases, lifestyle disorders, dermatology, infertility, hematological illness, mental retardation & psychiatric complications.