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Promote the scientific rigor of Ayurveda & Yoga

We apply classical Ayurvedic tools, techniques and herbal formulations guarded and preserved by Dathathreya heritage for 3500 years. Our therapies are tailored for the individual health needs of each patient. The therapeutic approach is holistic, and it protects, cures and promotes the physical, emotional, cognitive, psychological, and spiritual health of the patient.

AyurVeda pulse examination tool of Dathathreya heritage is a precise diagnosis and predictable prognosis tool.
Usually modern doctors examine the rate, rhythm, volume and character of the pulse. Dr.Raghavan, based on his training under Swami Dhananjaya Dathathreya Dev, delves deeper into the ‘character’ of the patient’s pulse.  The character of the pulse reveals information about the state of the patient’s health from the time he or she was in the womb of the mother to the current time. It helps to understand the pathogenesis, disease development and clinical manifestations. It also aids to plan therapy, precisely predict the response of patients to therapy, and to monitor their responses to therapy.