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Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia cured by Dr.Raghavan

Case history

A 20 year old, unmarried woman of Indian origin, with diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia, was presented to Dr. Raghavan Ramankutty in the year 1982.

The Patient had consulted various doctors (Dentist, ENT Specialist, General Physician, and Neurologist) for her symptoms before trying Ayurveda therapy. She was prescribed strong Analgesics, Anti convulsant medications (Mazetol) and Iintra Articular (Temporomandibular Joint) Injection. There was temporary relief after medication for 1 to 2 days only.

The patient was presented to Dr. Raghavan with chief complaint of

  • Severe Pain on both side of face

The Pain in face started as sudden, excruciating, shock like pain on the right mandibular and maxillary region.

Pain was so severe and agonizing that it would wake her up in the night, shouting and crying.

  • Pain in tongue

She was unable to chew and swallow the food and had difficulty in tongue movements. The pain in tongue was also severe that she could not speak clearly and speech became incoherent

The disease progressed gradually; affecting both sides of face yet the cause of disease could not be ascertained. She also had pain in legs due to varicose veins. 

DAT (Dathathreya Ayurveda therapy) Intervention

The treatment started after pulse examination by Dr. Raghavan Ramankutty. Patient was informed that she would need 7 years of treatment for complete disappearance of pain.She was prescribed a Khashyam (liquid herbal decoction of Ammukuram (Ashwagandha) and Puncture vine) and Ayurvedic ghee, which reduces pain gradually. Doctor performed “marmasandavanam” on both the side of face, which use to give her instantaneous relief.

Patient was admitted at Dr. Raghavan’s Clinic 4 times in 7years. For first time, she was admitted for 6 months, during which Oil-Dhara combined with Marma Sandwana was given, and Shirovasti were prescribed for 12 days. The frequency and amplitude of pain has decreased considerably after the therapy.


Pain started reducing after  treatment. At present (2008), there is 95% reduction in the pain. She experiences bouts of pain during menstrual cycle, when exposed to severe sunlight and when she bends and brooms the house. She can talk normally and leg pain has disappeared. Her quality of life has improved significantly.

Patient says in video testimonial

“Dr. Raghavan saved my life, otherwise I would have perished. I always tell Dr.Raghavan that as long as he is alive I will be alive!”

Skills needed:
Ayurvedic Ghee, kashayam, marmasandavanam
Trigeminal Neuralgia