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Clinical History

A 9 month old male child, of Indian origin residing in United Kingdom, was presented to Vaidyaratnam Dr. Raghavan Ramankutty in the year 2013. He was diagnosed with severe eczema at the age of 4 months. He was brought to the clinic with complains of

  • Scaly, Dry and thick rashes all over the body and scalp
    • It started as reddish eruption on his face followed by similar rashes all over the body and scalp.
    • He developed fluid filled sores that oozes fluid and lesions got subsequently infected
  • Loss of hair
  • Allergic to wheat and egg
    • His Eruptions would get worse when mother consumed these foods (since he was exclusively breastfed)

There was severe itching which would make the child irritable. He could not sleep properly and used to wake up every half an hour. His milestones were delayed.

Past Medical History

Patient was given moisturizing cream for dry and scaly skin, steroid and antibiotics for infected lesions.

DAT (Dathathreya Ayurveda therapy) Intervention

The treatment started after examination by Dr. Raghavan Ramankutty. Since the baby was breast fed, Mother was prescribed the medicines. She was advised to take herbal medicines every hour and avoid all the allergic foods.

Results and Conclusion

Child started responding within a week after starting the treatment. His lesions were completely cleared after 2 months and his skin became soft. He started playing, smiling and is a very pleasant kid. The sleep has also improved after the treatment.  He started to grow out of his food allergies. The patient’s mother is very satisfied with the treatment given by Dr. Raghavan.

Skills needed:
Ayurveda oral medications, Ayurveda powder
Dermatology, Eczema